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Atrophy is somewhat of a running joke I had with myself about this record (sorry it took so long) and the title also serves as a testament to what i've learned and applied as a producer and individual. At the time I started working on this I had a limited amount of resources to create, However I felt that these compositions were born out of necessity rather than the luxury of having various tools at my reach. With every sound you may hear in this music; Every single one was a learning process. Which often times left me with mixed feelings of excitement and resentment towards this learning curve and the project in general. In "Atrophy", I wrote about experiences of mine within a particular six year period of my life. From losing my mother, to Deconstructing hopelessness, and finding love in someone who mirrors the worst parts of you as a person...and resenting them for it. Atrophy is my reaction to what could happen if I were to not use my creativity and expression as a means to actually feel alive. No matter how challenging or foreign the process may be, The most frightening thing is always is not knowing what could have happened.


released January 15, 2014

Jamey Brown - Keyboards, Synthesizer, Bass guitar, Voice, Production, and Programming.

Cover art by Justin Rashall

Additional production by Sonny Crooks on Minutiae Mountain



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Zetroc Louisiana

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Track Name: Harp for Debra
I remember
Sunrise landing on our coats
And I was a child
Adjecent to you
Finding home in your vacant arms
Laughter in the frigid air
With a warmth both foreign and familliar
But when it left me there was nothing I could do
As the miles obscured us
For too long and the years deferred

It was beautiful how you'd never waste a smile
Though the sorrow was tamed
Within your voice it could not hide
In telephone lines
To you I owe my life
From absence to inches
Your spirit found in mine
And all I needed
was to see you again
But I will find my way to you until then
Track Name: Minutiae Mountain (An Index of Tumults)
We are two strangers on a park bench
We are nervous and talking about weather
as we watch our horizon
And it's futile possibilities
But I remember everything
From the tone to the edits of your lies
And you're biding time while i've been keeping score

When you invited the arson to this house
You backed away from the flames and laughed
And your true colors came to focus like an overcast
We're miles away yet sleeping in the same bed
And i'm losing my cool
And you know what you do
Track Name: Stubborn Currents Frozen Over
I am bored with the rays of the sun
Seizing the day
With idle intentions
Until the dusk is panting outside
And dims with every breath
Never moving
Like a tourist bound in place
By the thawing of his ankles
Tomorrow is replaced
With what should be a memory
But is only a coma
On this amensia calender

I am out of recollection
These moments buried in the sediment

Wrinkles in this river
That form beside my path
Forward, where a staircase inverts
In a place where the air is cut in half
One half is the risk
And the other is the warning
The past will devine
And answer all that was

I am bored with the rays of the sun
Seizing the day with idle intentions
Until the dusk is panting outside
And dims with every breath

A year is born
Future untethered
Will time find the rest of me
Track Name: Do Your Handcuffs Fit?
We met them
On suspicion
Their suspicion
As they stained the sidewalk neon blue
Quota fangs salivate
And we've become the cooperating prey
We've found ourselves
On the wrong side of nothing
And the sirens are laughing at us

Power drunk and protocol
Barking questions
Demanding our intentions
Looking for the panic in our eyes
Finding only
The boredom in mine
Sniffing away at the pockets
And wasting the battery in their flashlights
But search us all you want
No drugs will hide
Now if you're done with us we'll be on our way
Track Name: Scant
P: Ever smashed a banana in a girls ear? Huh? Bet you ain't done that shit huh. Y'ever just unpeeled a bannana and went (sound effect) right in her ear?

J: Who'd you do that to?

P: My friend.

J: What'd she do afterwards?

P: Got pissed. I mean, What would you do if you had smushed-up banana on the side of your head?
Track Name: Facsimile
Verse 1

You were in my reflection
Unnerving impressions that pulled me in
Found your demons
In my likeness
Buried in all the weight
of my blame
There are histories
under our skin
only to be
And unspoken
But we found a language
In the unrevealed


There we froze
By our fears and if I go
I'm taking you with me
In unison

Verse 2

In a slipstream of cursing
Unfocused fingerpointing
My own fault was hard to find
There was hardly a time
When her eyes met mine
Never to know what they hide

Chorus out