Adjacency: The Atrophy Outtakes

by Zetroc

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"Adjacency" is essentially everything that happened during the making of "Atrophy." Through the making of this...However not at the time was taken aback by all the learning and maturity I acquired in the the goal to being the musician I wanted to be...Or at least the one that I heard in my head, Anyway. This collection of songs were something that I was slightly unhappy with at the time. Some I felt had potential, But still was not quite the arrangements I was trying to manifest. They were more like happy accidents that I bypassed with a frantic disregard. Several months later after the last release I searched my hard drives to remind myself of what I had done or if I even liked any of it. I like to think of it like a photo album and seeing pictures of friends that you now missed or a stupid haircut you had. And as I listened, I found these tunes to have more fight in em than I previously thought. They were endearing and as important as the 'then and now' process was to me...I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to dust them off. These tracks span from 2009-to now. 'Harp' started out just as a little loop I made to see where a composition could go with only two chords; "Tryptych" was an accidental beat I made still while being very staunch about trying not to sound like a "beatmaker" And "Handcuffs 2" Was something new based off of another song of the same name in light of the recent events in Ferguson, MO. I think these tracks vary enough to where they can make a statement on their own as a whole and individually. They are all special to me and I hope you as a listener are able to get an experience out of these as much as the last release that inspired this. Enjoy.


released December 23, 2014

All music produced and performed by Zetroc.

Zetroc is Jamey Brown: Keyboards, synthesizer, voice, and programming.

Album artwork by Justin Rashall.

Track 1 Performed by Pat Phillips:

Track 2 is an original reinterpretation of the song "Facsimile" arranged by Prime8 Pimpin.



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